Southern Style Collard Greens

Southern Style Collard Greens

The collards have to be clean.  No one likes grit in the collards.  If there is any question, wash them again.  If they are large, you will need to remove the stem.  Cut the stem in ¼ inch pieces and keep separate from leaves.  Cut leaves into 1” thick strips.

Melt butter in large pot.  Sauté onions, when they are half done, add garlic and Lowery’s seasoning.  When translucent, add chicken stock.  Cut chunks of meat off the turkey leg so that you have a bone with meat and several pieces of turkey meat.  Add to the pot. Boil on high for 30 minutes with lid on.  Add stems and cook for 15 more minutes with lid on.  Add clean chopped greens to pot and cook for 30 minutes with lid on stirring occasionally.

NEVER RUN OUT OF JUICE in the pot.  Burnt Greens smell terrible!  If it starts running low, add more stock or water.  Greens are ready when the veins in the leaves have just a small amount of texture left in them, but not tough.

Season with salt, pepper and Tabasco to your taste.  Pepper vinegar is also a nice addition.

Yield:  1 ½ quart