Our Waseda Farms land is located in Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin — the heart of Door County.

500 Acre Farm

100% Grass Fed

1100 Acres Managed

Our Land


The farm was originally known as the O’Brien Farm and managed by their family for decades. In the early 1960s it was donated to the Priests of the Sacred Heart, a Jesuit order, by Phillip and Eleanor O’Brien. The priests worked the land as part of the St. Joseph’s retreat boardering Kangaroo Lake for over 47 years, enjoying the land for meditation and reflection as well as farming. It’s why we like to say that even today we have Holy Cows. In fact, if you walk the fields and trails, you’ll find many of their relics and prayerful reminders on your travels.


Our fields are a major source of pride for us. We believe it’s of the utmost importance to provide a balanced diet to our animals. So, we take great effort to offer them a full salad-bar of choices. All of our pastures have over 20 different varieties of grasses so they get the vitamins and minerals they need.


Since we are in a Wisconsin climate, and our animals are 100 percent grass fed, we have over half of our pasture devoted to creating extra grass to sustain our herd through the winter months. Our grass is cut, wrapped and bailed all in the same day so they are eating food as similar to the pasture as possible—even on the coldest of Door County days.


Outside of grass, we like to say our best crop is rock. Yes, rock. We’ve learned that apparently glaciers stopped right here and deposited all kinds of goodness from across North America. We’ve had geologists share that they’ve even identified slate from Northern Canada. So, if you’d like to bring your son or daughter’s geology class over, come have a look (that actually happens a lot here).