It’s a special place. To us, it’s even sacred. Maybe that has something to do with the Christian Brothers who farmed this land for over 50 years before us.

Generational Farming

At the base of this family tree is ice cream. Yes, ice cream. And a love of the farm.

Thomas H. Lutsey’s legacy continues to advance theWaseda Farms® mission, and the way we eat and enjoy all that comes from the land.

Thomas H. Lutsey worked hard on the Pulaski, Wisconsin family farm beginning as a young child in 1933. As an innovative man, he was interested in how things worked and liked to create new things. One of these innovations was to make ice cream and sell it on the same trucks as the milk delivery. Continuing to evolve his ideas even further, he then created the famous and popular “paddle pops” (ice cream on a stick, dipped in chocolate and rolled in nuts). By 1946, Thomas H. Lutsey established Gold Bond Ice Cream and continued to grow and expand the business of ice cream to include novelties and other favored treats, like the Eskimo Pie. His passion for innovation led to numerous patents and continued to advance the ice cream industry. Today, Gold Bond Ice Cream is now Good Humor-Breyers and the ice cream products are sold in all 50 states and all throughout North America.

For decades, Thomas and his son were side by side as Tom handled business operations for Gold Bond. After eventually selling Good Humor-Breyers, and among other business endevors, Tom renewed his father’s passion by purchasing Waseda Farm in Baileys Harbor in 2008. That farm became the catalyst for the Waseda Farms commitment to responsible and sustainable farming and food preparation.

Tom’s son Matt has expanded the operation to include Waseda Farms Market. They began with a store on the farm and the demand grew. In 2014, The Waseda Farms Market in De Pere opened and remained the only local and organic-focused grocery store and deli in Northeast Wisconsin for over 4 years. In Spring 2018, Waseda Farms expanded its ability to be more convenient for customers and turned its market into an online shopping experience while also enhancing its direct grocery and restaurant availability. Today, Waseda Farms commercial distribution and direct-to-homes through online orders continues to grow.

Today the Waseda Farms mission is to grow, cultivate, produce and distribute the best certified organic, sustainably and responsibly raised food available while educating families of the benefits of eating well.