Reasons to Support Organic in the 21st Century
Buying organic food promotes a less toxic environment

Be sure to check out Organic.org’s Top 10 Reasons to Support Organic in the 21st Century as well as it’s Glossary, 
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As one of the more prominent certified organic farms in Wisconsin, supplying organic meats throughout the USA, Waseda Farms is organic through and through. We produce USDA Certified Organic Grass Fed Beef, Pork, and Eggs. We also feature a range of organic poultry, organic fruit and vegatables, cheese and other organic groceries at our Waseda Farms Market - Baileys Harbor, in Door County.

Organic Pork

Our Heritage Berkshire Pork

We raise organically raised heritage breed Berkshire pork. We have a wide assortment of products available, from chops and loins, to shoulders, smoked hams and bacon. We also have a growing selection of sausages and bratwurst. All our pork products are nitrate free and 100% meat, no fillers so no mystery.

Except for a pig’s smile. That is a mystery we will never understand.

Organic Eggs

Organic Pasture Raised Eggs

Our eggs are certified organic—and as always, no hormones or antibiotics are involved. Our flock features three breeds which is why there 3 different colors of eggs in our cartons. We have Leghorns (white eggs); Bovan Brown (brown eggs); and Ameraucana (green eggs). In each dozen sold, we provide an assortment of all three colors.  Their supplemental feed is Omega 3 Enriched as well.

Visit Waseda Farms

We are an open farm, so come visit our market, garden, and walking trails.

Tours can be made by appointment.

Open Every Day
From 10am-5pm.

 Phone: 920-839-2222

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Waseda Farms is a certified organic farm in Door County Wisconsin. We produce certified organic meat and eggs, including organic grass fed Black Angus beef, Berkshire Pork, and tri colored organic eggs. You can order organic meat online from our online store or visit our farm market stores in Baileys Harbor and De Pere, Wisconsin. We offer nation-wide overnight delivery when you order your organic meat online.

At Waseda Farms®, we help families learn about the benefits, taste the difference and enjoy the process of living a healthy life through certified organic food—because what we choose for our family is one of the most important decisions we can make.

Waseda Farms &
Country Market

Waseda Farms Market-
Baileys Harbor

Open Market and Curbside Pickup Door County

7281 Logerquist Rd

Baileys Harbor, WI 54202

Every Day -  10AM - 5PM 

Phone: 920-839-2222

Waseda Farms
Market-De Pere

Local Organic

Organic Meat Shop and
Curbside Pickup in De Pere

330 Reid Street

De Pere, WI 54115

Monday - Friday 8AM - 2PM 

Order: 920-632-7271

Waseda Farms
Organic Farm Tour

We are an open farm, so come visit our market, see the animals, and enjoy our garden and walking trails.

Stop at the store for a map.
Tours can be made by appointment.

Waseda Farms Organic Farm Tours

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