The Waseda Farms® Herd

Our herd consists of two breeds, Aberdeen Angus, a.k.a. Black Angus, and small amount of the original Hereford. And then there is a cross breed between the two, which results in Black Baldy offspring. Black Angus is the most popular and well-known cattle breed in the United States. And Hereford is the most popular breed worldwide. These facts can be attributed to the traits that each of these breeds has.

Aberdeen Angus

Angus cattle are renown for their calving ease and vigorous calves. They don't require assistance during the birthing process and they produce very lively calves. And rarely do they miss a year of birthing a calf. They have superb maternal instincts. It's not unusual for an Angus cow to still be productive at 12 years old. They are naturally polled, without horns. They are adaptable to all weather condition with minimal maintenance. They have a preferred carcass quality and size. One of the most important traits is that they have great natural marbling which makes for delicious and tender beef.


Herefords are also known for their ability to produce calves beyond the age of 12 years and they are very fertile, ensuring a calf every year. And bulls can remain productive just as long. Herefords generally command top prices at market because they gain weight very quickly in comparison to the cost of feeding. They are also well developed in the regions of the valuable cuts – the back, loin and hindquarters. They are docile, excellent foragers, and easy to manage which keeps labor costs low.

F1 Black Baldy

Crossbred cattle are almost always more healthy, productive and perform better than their purebred counterparts. The F1 Black Baldy is no exception. They are extremely fertile and have outstanding maternal instincts. They have great temperaments. And when compared against purebred counterparts, for the same amount of feed they will be 20% larger, on average. This makes them one of the most efficient beef producing animals. Bigger animals mean more steaks.

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