The Temple Grandin Facility

Waseda Farms builds A Temple Grandin Cattle System for Humane Handling of Beef Cattle

Waseda Farms hired Temple Grandin and Mark J. Deesing, to design one of their cattle handling systems, the first in the state of Wisconsin, and the smallest they had ever designed. It is truly unique in how it handles cattle in the most humane way possible.

We are grateful for Temple and Mark's research and hard work in behavioral animal science. We at Waseda Farms believe in their work, and the humane treatment of animals. Their revolutionary system allows for just one person to manage the entire herd. We hope that one day we can get them both out to the farm to show our appreciation.



 temple grandin





 Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin is Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University, and is one of the world's leaders in the design of livestock handling facilities. She has designed livestock facilities throughout the United States and in Canada, Europe, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. In North America, almost half of all cattle processing facilities include a center track restrainer system that she designed for meat plants. Her curved chute (race) systems are used worldwide and her writings on the flight zone and other principles of grazing animal behavior have helped many producers to reduce stress during handling. Dr. Grandin also designed an objective scoring system for assessing handling and stunning of cattle and pigs at meat plants. This system is being used by many large corporations to improve animal care.

Dr. Grandin has consulted with many different ranchers, feedlot owners, packers, and industry organizations for many years. At Colorado State University she maintains a limited number of graduate students and conducts research that assists in developing systems for animal handling and, in particular, with the reduction of stress and losses at slaughter plants. She has published several hundred industry publications, book chapters and technical papers on animal handling plus 62 refereed journal articles in addition to ten books. She maintains an appointment at Colorado State University where she has been active in making presentations to ranchers and farmers as well as those interested in the packing industry. She developed her own website ( which contains her research papers and additional information on livestock behavior, cattle handling, humane slaughter, stunning methods, effects of stress on meat quality, and design information.

Dr Grandin has received numerous industry achievement awards and is recognized by many humane groups as the voice of reason. In 2010 HBO premiered a movie about Temple's early life and career with the livestock industry. The movie received seven Emmy awards, and she is also one of Time Magazines 100 most influential people.  




mark deesing




Mark Deesing

Mark Deesing began his career in the livestock industry as a farrier.  Currently Mark is a custom design consultant for Grandin Livestock Handling Systems, Inc., and has designed hundreds of handling facilities for all types of livestock, as well as wildlife and zoo species. He travels around the country visiting ranches, feedyards, and packing plants consulting on design of new facilities, troubleshooting problems in existing facilities, and working with producers on improvements in handling trainer. In 1993 he met Temple Grandin and began to work with her first in research and writing projects. They co-authored two books together; “Genetics and the Behavior of Domestic Animals” (Academic Press, 1998), and “Humane Livestock Handling” ( Storey Publishing, 2008), along with several referred journal articles on cattle behavior. Mark and Temple pioneered work on using facial hair patterns to predict temperament and fertility in cattle.

Mark does his design and drafting work on a ranch in Northern Colorado. In 2001, he built a state of the art facility from Dr. Grandin’s designs and invites ranchers, contractors, and others to visit the ranch and to see the facility and discuss construction techniques. Mark continues to stay active in the horse industry and raises horses on the ranch.

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