Supplier Questions

Important Questions to ask your Beef Supplier

These will help you to better understand what you eat

What is the name of the breed of cattle it comes from?

Angus, Hereford, and Callaway are real beef cattle.

Is it a dairy cow?

Holsteins, Guernseys and Jersey are milk cows and don't make the best beef.

Is your cattle raised from birth?

If they purchase cattle to fatten them up, they run a feed lot.

What was it fed?

Properly measured and grown feed grows good healthy animals.

How much acreage do they have? How many animals per acre are there?

It is essential for good health to not confine animals.

How many months of the year do they pasture?

Healthy animals need year round pasture.

Is your cattle held in an enclosed building for any length of time?

If so, they aren't content and share diseases.

What exactly do they feed their cattle? Any outside sources?

Organic certification requires that the source be verified and certified as well.

Are their seeds, feeds, and fertilizers certified as organic?

Conventional farm seeds are coated with chemicals to enhance growth which get in the food or ground water system.

Do they ever supplement their feed with things like grass clippings, or food manufacturing waste?

You don't want to think about this.

Are they "All Natural"?

What does that mean? There are no regulations for "all natural" beef raisers to follow and no one is out there to check on them.

Are they grass fed? Are they certified?

There are only 3 certified grass fed cattle farms in WI and over 100 claiming to be, which means that there are no regulations being followed.

Why don't you become organic?

Many will say, "Too much work. It costs too much. People don't care where their food comes from." They are all just excuses.

Do you get a written guarantee?

A good beef grower will give you one.

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