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For centuries, man has known that freezing is an excellent way to preserve meat. The freezing technique does not compromise the quality of the beef at all. This is because unlike the slow process of freezing in a home freezer, our process freezes moisture quickly before it can form large ice crystals. It is the creation of ice crystals that breaks down cell walls in the meat fiber. The larger the crystals the more damage it does to the meat. Our meat maintains its original color, flavor, texture and nutritional value because the muscle fibers are preserved, retaining the innate juiciness of the meat.


All of your Waseda Farms® meat will be vacuum sealed. By not exposing the meat to oxygen, you increase the longevity of purchase and decrease the likelihood of freezer burn. Freezer burn is not a food safety risk. It will look different, due to a change in the pigment. It will also taste different. This is because the product, in this case beef, has dehydrated. When you find ice crystals in a package, they came from that product.

You will decide how you would like it packaged. This depends how you plan to use it. If you primarily cook for two people at a time, then 2 steaks per package makes sense. If you want everything individually wrapped, that can be done. Ground beef packaging can be done in either 1 lb or 2 lb packages. It is all up to you.


Your beef will last at least 12 months in a quality freezer. It is recommended that you store your beef in a deep freeze, and not your kitchen freezer. A deep freeze is superior for multiple reasons:

1. It stays much colder. Frozen beef should be stored at 0F or below, with a maximum temperature of 5F.

2. It stays at a more constant temperature. You regular freezer door is opened and closed more often than a deep freeze's would be. Fluctuations in temperature increase the opportunity for freezer burn.

3. It will provide you with more space, which you will probably need. You will need approximately 1 cubic foot of freezer space for every 30 lbs. of meat.


The best way to thaw frozen meat is in the refrigerator on a plate or in a container in its packaging. 24 hours is usually enough time to defrost most cuts of meat. Some roasts may take longer, so plan accordingly. A little extra time won't hurt. Besides, there is nothing more annoying than finding a roast still frozen in the middle when you are ready to cook it. You should never use a microwave to defrost Waseda Farms® beef. It will detract from the quality experience of the beef.

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