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Why Organic? Is Eating Organic Food Really That Much Better For You?

With rising levels of obesity and obesity related diseases, more people are paying attention to the effects diet can have on their bodies. As a result, more people are thinking about the potential advantages of eating organic food. The question "why eat organically?" is being asked by people of all ages and situations in life who are interested in choosing healthier lifestyles. People who have adopted organic food into their daily diets tend to report that they experience greater levels of energy and higher overall levels of health and vitality. As people begin to explore how their diets may be related to their overall longevity, health,and quality of life, it is worth considering the possible advantages of eating organic food.

What exactly is organic food?

Organic food can be defined as food that is grown and processed in organic ways. When people speak about organic food, they are typically talking about food that was not exposed to any kind of unnatural chemical while it was packaged, processed, manufactured, or grown. Foods like fruits and vegetables that are grown under organic conditions are grown without using any kinds of pesticides. They are also completely free of preservatives. Organic farming techniques have become some of the fastest growing techniques in farming and in the agriculture industry. More people have begun to ask for food that is naturally grown and nutritious to feed themselves and their families, and organic farming is one way of meeting these requests.

What about organic animal products?

When it comes to animals or products made from animals, such as dairy, beef, fish, and pork, animals are provided only with feed that is organically based. Farmers who practice traditional agricultural techniques are infamous for using a variety of chemicals and growth steroids on dairy cows and chickens in an effort to make them grow faster and larger and increase their milk and egg output. Farmers who want to achieve classification as organic agricultural farmers are required to keep from using these kinds of chemicals if they wish to stay in line with strict guidelines from the government.

What are additional advantages of organic foods?

The additional advantages of eating organically prepared foods instead of traditional agricultural foods is that there have not been enough studies on pesticides, growth hormones, and chemicals to figure out the long term effects of these chemicals. The farming of organic foods also has positive impacts on the entire overall environment. Fruits and vegetables that have been grown through traditional methods are flooded with chemicals and pesticides while they are still beneath the soil. This chemical irradiation exposes all of the soil in the farmland to strange mixtures of chemicals that change its properties forever. These chemicals can also potentially find their way into the local water supply. When food is grown organically, soil can stay in its natural state while the ground remains protected. Similarly, the local water supply will remain cleaner, which will positively affect the health of everyone living in the community.

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