Cooking For Flavor

Cooking Waseda Farms® Organic Beef For Ultimate Flavor

There is a very strong inverse relationship between flavor and tenderness. The tougher the cut of meat, the more likely it is to have great rich flavor. The flank, skirt and flatiron steaks have all got pretty popular in the past few years due to all the different cooking shows on TV. They are popular for a reason, they have great flavor and they are affordable. As long as you cut them against the grain you will be pleasantly surprised how wonderful they are.

With those tougher cuts, you will want to slow cook them at low heat. This will break down the connective tissue in the meat and make them tender. The brisket is ideal for long slow cooking. It is the meat in corned beef as well as the smoked brisket of Texas bar-b-que. Braised Short ribs are an amazing dish in the winter. The shank is perfect for soups and stews because the collagen in the bone will be a thickener.

The organs aren't for everyone. No one will fault you if you choose to not take them. These are best fresh, not frozen. The liver is best on the second day. The tongue has been an important part of Latin American cooking for years. This comes down to how adventurous are you?

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