Cattle Nutrition


An organic diet can lead to a healthier, longer, more active lifestyle. Organic beef cattle are raised without confinement and without use of synthetic hormones or antibiotics. Additionally, their food is not genetically modified or sprayed with pesticide. This results in healthy and wholesome organic beef which is suitable for an organic diet.

Grain Fed vs. Grass Fed Cattle

Most large, corporate farms raise cattle which are confined and fed grains. Naturally, cattle are foragers, a diet which includes legumes, silage, and grass. Cattle were not built to eat massive quantities of grain. Grains are less nutritious than grass and in these farms are most likely genetically modified and ridden with pesticides and antibiotics. Grain fed cattle have a shorter production time than grass fed cattle.

Grass fed cattle produce meat that is of much higher quality than those that are primarily fed grain. It is higher in protein, lower in fat, and healthier overall. Grass fed cattle allow the cattle to grow the way that they are intended. The Organic Agriculture Center of Canada states that "Omega-3 fatty acids (essential fatty acid for growth and development) and  CLAs, conjugated linoleic acid (linked to reducing cancer, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease) are found in higher concentrations in grass fed beef than grain fed beef." These benefits apply to the humans consuming its meat and dairy as well. These benefits include its anti-carcinogenic and anti-diabetic effects, a reduction in body fat, and a reduction in the risk of heart disease. Additionally, risk of e.Coli is minuscule due to its relative absence in grass fed cattle.

Organic Beef Cattle

Grass fed cattle may include cattle that are fed only grass for their entire life as well as cattle who are fed grass up until 90-160 days before slaughter. At this point, many farmers feed them grain. This is referred to as grain finished. Similarly, some farms feed their cattle grain based diets and finish with grass. This is referred to as grain fed and grass finished beef.

Grass fed cattle are quite healthful. Grass fed and finished cattle meat take longer to reach weight. Organic cattle fed with organic food result in a healthy and flavorful meat product.

Benefits Of Organic Beef Cattle

Organic beef cattle live the way that nature intended. Conventional animals raised on feed lots that are not organic are raised and fed massive amounts of antibiotics. This practice has led to much of the antibiotic resistance problems that we face.

Grass fed cattle do not contribute to this and produce healthier meat that contain high amounts of vitamins including:
-vitamin E
-vitamin A
-conjugated linoleum acid (CLA)
-beta carotene
-omega 3 fatty acids, and many more.

By choosing Certified Organic, you can be sure that you are feeding your family safe, healthy, and natural meat the way God intended..

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