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Flatiron Steak (Top Blade Steak) – Grill – Broil – Saute

The best of the chuck, the Flatiron steak is the second most tender cut behind the tenderloin. It combines the texture of the Tenderloin with the earthy flavor of the Top Sirloin and is becoming one of the most requested steaks in restaurants across the country.

The Denver Steak (Underblade Steak) – Marinate – Grill – Broil – Saute

The Denver Steak comes near the shoulder blade in the chuck. It is juicy, tender, and well marbled. It is very flavorful by itself, but is equally delicious when marinated before cooking.

Chuck Eye Steak – Marinate then Grill – Broil – Saute – Stir-fry

These steaks are a great cost conscious alternative to the Ribeye, although slightly less tender and flavorful. They do very well when marinated before cooking.

Chuck Eye Roast (Boneless Chuck Roll) – Marinate – Stir-fry – Braise – Roast

One of the best roasts available. Slow, moist cooking makes this a great pot roast. It can be cut into kabab or stir-fry meat and marinated.

Chuck Roast, Arm Roasts, Mock Tender, Blade Roasts – Braise – Roast

For slow, moist cooking, nothing beats roasts from the chuck. They have a rich beefy flavor, ample fat and good texture. Because of this it stays moist when cooked for a long time whereas leaner cuts will dry out or get stringy.


Ribeye (Bone out) or Rib Steak (Bone in) – Grill – Broil – Saute

Ask any butcher what their favorite cut of meat is and you'll undoubtedly hear the Ribeye. Great marbling gives the Ribeye its rich, beefy flavor and tender texture. Cut from the rib section, these tender steaks can be purchased bone-in or boneless.

Standing Rib Roast (Prime Rib) – Roast

The Grand Champion of beef roasts. This is the Prime Rib you have seen carved at restaurants your entire life. This is best when roasted.


Fillet Mignon (Tenderloin) – Grill – Broil – Saute

The most tender cut of meat. The Tenderloin is prized for its exceptional tenderness and subtle flavor.

New York Strip (Top Loin) - Grill – Broil – Saute

Also known as Strip Loin Steak and Kansas City Steak, the New York Strip is succulent, tender and abundantly flavorful.

T-Bone Steak - Grill – Broil – Saute

The classic grilling steak, T-bone is actually two lean, tender steaks in one: the New York Strip and Fillet Mignon separated by the t-shaped bone. If the diameter of the fillet portion is smaller than a golf ball, it is considered a T-Bone.

Porterhouse Steak – Grill – Broil – Saute

The name of this extremely popular steak comes from the days when it was served in public ale houses that also served a dark beer called porter. The porterhouse consists of both the tenderloin and the top loin and is similar to a T-Bone steak except its portion of the tenderloin is greater in diameter than a golf ball.

Club Steak (Delmonico Steak) – Grill – Broil – Saute

The Club steak occurs where the Ribeye meets the Porterhouse. It is the best of both worlds, tender and delicious.


Sirloin Steak (Top Sirloin) – Marinate – Stir-fry – Grill – Broil – Saute

Extremely flavorful and lean, this moderately tender cut offers a great value and versatility. A great choice for kabobs and stir-frys.

Tri-Tip – Marinate – Stir-fry – Grill – Broil – Saute – Roast

The Tri-Tip is a curved triangular muscle cut from the bottom sirloin that is arguably the tastiest cuts you can buy at such a reasonable price. It is lean, tender and boneless and can be prepared whole or cut into steaks.


Top Round – Braise

This roast is the most tender part of the round; this great dollar stretcher can be prepared as pot roast or cut into thick steaks for braised dishes.

Eye of Round - Braise – Roast

The eye of round can be tough and dry if cooked improperly. It is most tender and flavorful when prepared in a slow cooker or braised.

Rump Roast – Braise

This economically friendly cut has a firm texture, which lends itself to braising, to help tenderize it. It is a very popular choice for pot roasts.


Brisket – Braise – Smoke

Known for being Corned Beef or Texas Barbeque, brisket has deep, rich flavor. With long slow cooking it becomes tender and delicious.


Skirt Steak – Grill – Broil

Skirt steak has a deep, rich flavor that is often used for fajitas, but also makes a great stand-alone steak as long as you cut it across the grain.

Short Ribs – Braise - Smoke

When slow cooked there is no better cut for tender juicy comfort food. They can be served bone in or boneless, short or long. Perfect for the crock pot.


Flank Steak – Grill – Broil

This lean steak has a great flavor, and should be sliced thin against the grain for maximum tenderness. Traditionally used to make fajitas and classic London broil.

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