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Matt Lutsey

Matt Lutsey


Matt leads the overall operations of Waseda Farms as President—and brings his culinary and business background to the table as the family seeks to expand the farm’s ability to make organic food available to more people throughout the Midwest. The eldest son of Tom and Sharon, Matt has a passion for food, for restaurants, and for making exceptional flavors available in the healthiest way possible. He leads our expansion and our ability to better tell our story so that more people can experience Waseda Farms. You might get a sense of Matt’s humor and love of the animals in our advertising and photography—and certainly you’ll see his passion for food reflected throughout both of our stores. Matt also is responsible for building our Waseda Farms team—and ensuring our culture is intentional, family-focused, and committed to all things organic.  

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Jeff Lutsey

Jeff Lutsey

Education & Outreach Officer 

Jeff, also son of Tom and Sharon, is a mechanical engineer who graduated with honors from Northwestern University. He spent 12 years training Navy sailors on submarines, testing reactor plant safety systems, and managing reactor design teams at the Naval Nuclear Laboratory. He joined the farm team to be closer to family, be better connected to earth, and be a significant contributor to the organic food revolution. Additional pursuits of his include renewable energy and sustainable living, and he serves on the boards for the Baileys Harbor Community Association, the Ridges Sanctuary, Destination Door County, and the Boys & Girls Club of Door County. He has brought solar power to our farm operations, and he relishes the opportunity to connect and communicate the mission to schools, business partners, and neighbors.

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Tom Lutsey

Tom Lutsey

Retired/Chief Farming Officer 

A lifelong businessman, it took a health scare to re-discover his passion for agriculture and lean, healthy meats. Tom's doctors advised a diet low in beef and he would hear nothing of it. He dismissed his doctor's orders and began raising healthy, organic beef for his own consumption. With the assistance of his already certified organic neighbor in Door County, the original herd grew from 6 to 40 and at that point the search for our own farm began. Tom stumbled upon Waseda Farms and has grown his small herd to approximately 100 breeding cows. Tom’s family roots include his dad’s Pulaski farm—perhaps the source of his lifelong love of tractors and all things green. Tom is Waseda Farms’ chief innovator and visionary. But mostly, Tom is happiest plowing fields, moving cattle or giving tours. Stop in and he’s sure to share a story or two.

Sharon Lutsey

Sharon Lutsey

Retired Garden Manager and Chief Image Director 

Sharon is avid gardener. Born and raised in Green Bay, she started working her family's garden at a very early age and never lost her enthusiasm for the craft. She can pickle and can with the best of them—because, as she says, no garden should ever see a harvest go to waste. Sharon wears many hats at Waseda Farms, but primarily oversees the garden and store. She has an acute eye for design-related ideas and makes sure that customers are greeted with seasonal flowers and decor.

Mike Haberli Farm Manager

Mike Haberli 

Farm Manager

Mike was born and raised a farmer—driving his first tractor at 5-years old and farming ever since. Mike has over 40 years of experience in Wisconsin farming, including leading dairy cow operations, crop farming, and smaller-scale pea, green bean and potato farming. Mike comes from a great family lineage of Door County farmers, as his grandfather Milton started the original home farm dairy operation in the early 1900s. He and his wife Heidi have six children with two continuing the proud family business of farming. Mike manages our farm team, ensures all animals are properly and humanely cared for, and ensures we continue to effectively grow the food for our animals in a way that is sustainable for the soil and the earth for the long-term.

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Sayard Geeve Store Manager Waseda Farms Wisconsin

Sayard Geeve

Baileys Harbor Store Manager

Sayard is our Store Manager at Waseda Farms Market - Baileys Harbor. She leads the store team, making sure that our farm store is always stocked with all our great meat, eggs, produce and groceries. She is extreamly passionate about organics and if there is something you are looking for, don't be afraid to ask!

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Organic Fruit and Veg Garden Manager Waseda Farms

Dave Seabright 

Garden Manager and Farm Administrator

Dave is our Garden Manager. He is the one that makes the garden such an amazing place to visit when you stop. And all the great Waseda Farms produce in our store came from his amazing green thumb. Even though Dave is from Illinois and a life long Chicago Bear fan, we are greatful to have him on our team. Maybe someday he will wise up.

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Organic Chicken Wisconsin Heidi Haberli

Heidi Haberli  

"Mother Hen” - Hen House Manager

Heidi oversees our hen house and the team that cleans and packages all our great pasture raised organic tri-colored eggs.  She loves spending time with her 6 grown children and 12 grandchildren.

Organic Meat Market Green Bay Steve Tanck Butcher

Steve "T-Bone" Tanck 

Meat Manager

Steve is our Meat Manger in De Pere.  He leads our butchers and ensures that all the great meat products you get meet our strick quality expectations.  T-Bone is a very active in the competitive BBQ world throughout the Midwest, so look for him at the next KCBS event.

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Waseda Farms Market De Pere Store Manager Kaitlin Petrie

Kaitlin Petrie 

De Pere Store and Online Manager

Kaitlin oversees all our De Pere store operations at Waseda Farms Market - De Pere. She also manages our online store. She can't wait to help you find your next dinner idea. She is at foodie a heart and loves to cook and bake in her free time.

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Craig Siehr - Sales and Distribution Executive

Craig Siehr  

Sales and Distribution Executive

Craig handles all our Wholesale Sales and Distribution. If you are a restaurant or retail outlet interested in carrying our amazing products, Craig is the guy to talk to. He brings decades of experience in food sales to our team. He is an avid biker, so please give them space on the road, it may be Craig.

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Don’t be shy to reach out. One thing we’ve sure learned is that people who are devoted to organics are excited to share what they know.

Waseda Farms is a certified organic farm in Door County Wisconsin. We produce certified organic meat and eggs, including organic grass fed Black Angus beef, Berkshire Pork, and tri colored organic eggs. You can order organic meat online from our online store or visit our farm market stores in Baileys Harbor and De Pere, Wisconsin. We offer nation-wide overnight delivery when you order your organic meat online.

At Waseda Farms®, we help families learn about the benefits, taste the difference and enjoy the process of living a healthy life through certified organic food—because what we choose for our family is one of the most important decisions we can make.

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